Trending Now: School Banning Sweets

The Frisco, Texas, school system is encouraging parents to not pack sweet food for their kids

Getty Images/Stock4B Creative

A television interview is going viral after a 5 year old steals the mic. A reporter in Pennsylvania was covering a pretty normal day at the state fair until she gave the mic to a cute little boy. After admitting that he'd never been on live TVv before, Noah Ritter handled the interview like a champ, except for using the word "apparently" in every sentence.

Students in one north Texas community will go without their traditional cake at school. The Frisco school district is encouraging parents not to bring sweets to school, in an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle for kids. All hope is not lost; Teachers have designated three party days when family members can bring healthy snacks. It should come as no shock, but parents are already crying foul over the policy.

The city of Boston is going Goth. A Boston-based rock band is set to get a major honor. Wednesday is "Godsmack Day" in Boston and the city is celebrating! The first 500 people at Faneuil Hall's Newbury Comics get to meet the band. If you're a big fan, you might want to head out now. Doors opened at 8 a.m.

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