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Pat Sajak and White
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The latest Instagram account to go viral stars a girl who's not even two! It all started when she snagged her mom's phone and accidently took a selfie. That was the first picture added to the account, which is run by her mother. Now, the mother takes pictures meant to be from the perspective of the young girl. She'll turn two next week.

Pat Sajak almost walked off set on Wheel of Fortune. In the round, one team guessed the letter 'N.' There was one of them, so the contestant shouts out "riding a brown horse!" That would have been impressive, but it was wrong. Sajak then walked off the platform when the next contestant shouted "riding a white horse." Sajak said he had no idea where they were getting this horse idea. The correct answer was "seeing a buddy movie."

Just a few weeks after a viral catcalling video out of New York City, a similar experiment is underway in the Golden State. One girl pretended to be drunk in Hollywood to see how men react to her. She asked them, using slurred words, where the bus was, and the men in the video all tried to lure her back to their place. She ends each encounter simply by saying "I'm feeling better now, thanks," leaving each man dumbfounded.

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