This Comedian Uses Humor to Deflect Mom-Shaming. Here's Why You Should Too

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We're all going through a tough time right now, and when it comes to schooling in the pandemic all parents are stressed.

Author, podcaster, social media star, and comedian Tiffany Jenkins is living it every day and stopped by Mom2Mom to talk with Maria Sansone about moms judging each other --- and why it needs to stop.

Jenkins tells Sansone, "I developed humor as a defense mechanism a bit. And the whole shaming things with moms, like you said, nobody knows what we're doing. You can pretend like you do, but you don't. And every single child is different. And so, there's no way Sally in Oklahoma knows what my kid should eat for dinner because she hasn't been in my house all week."

Jenkins says she takes those types of opinions with "a grain of salt." She adds, "I don't get as offended when people judge my parenting as I do when they judge other parts about me."

Parenting is personal and individualized. Sansone stresses often on Mom2Mom that it's time for moms to pull together, not tear each other apart.

Jenkins also discussed her life as an addict, what turned her life around, and why she thinks her Instagram page, @JugglingtheJenkins, is so darn popular.

Watch the entire episode of Mom2Mom with Tiffany here.

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