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Mamas often carry the weight of the world and it is exhausting! Mom Therapist Erica Djossa joins Maria Sansone on this week’s episode of #MOM2MOM to chat about WHY moms are feeling what they are feeling and WHAT they can do to take care of themselves to bear that load more effectively.

We knew Erica was meant to be part of the #MomSquad when she mentioned self-care was not only important but essential. Erica explains “Imagine you’re not taking care of yourself and you go down. The ship goes down with you!” So, how do you take care of the “mom ship”?  Erica suggests looking at NESTS: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Time for Self and Support. Take an inventory of where you are in the moment and what part of NESTS you might need to prioritize -- a walk, a healthy meal, phone call with a friend, bath, nap, etc!

There’s no shame in asking for help, for going to therapy or confiding in a friend! Erica says most people she talks to regret not getting help sooner. Momming is hard, but you have a whole #MomSquad on the journey with you to have some fun! 

What Caught Our Eye This Week?!

Mom and daughter power duo, Dr. Cynthia Kudji Sylvester and Dr. Jasmine Kudji, both just graduated medical school! And, to make the story even sweeter, they both matched at the same hospital for their residency in Louisiana. Check out their new blog, The MD Life, created to provide inspiration and information about their individual journeys.

At the beginning on the COVID-19 Pandemic and stay-at-home orders, we started to question what it would do for couples and families. Well, three months later and we are starting to see the first wave of pregnancy announcements and people are getting pretty creative!

Finally, a #MOM2MOM favorite show – Workin' Moms – is using their platform for good. Creator, Writer, Executive Producer, and Star Catherine Reitman is auctioning off a signed copy of the first script for an auction organized by co-star Dani Kind.  Find out more information and other donated items here.

Learn more about Erica's work and where to find her podcast "Happy as a Mother" on her website.

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