Some Positives to Take from the Pandemic for Your Kids, According to Two Experts

Before you look back on 2020 as a total bust, there were some bright moments!

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The stress, anxiety, fear and discomfort of 2020 is undeniable. We’ve seen adults, teens, and kids struggle to cope with the “new normal” and unknown nature of the pandemic.

But in times of challenge, there is often growth. Mom2Mom's Maria Sansone caught up with experts Dr. Candice Norcott and Mental Health Counselor Katie Lear who shone a spotlight on some positives to come out of 2020.

First, Dr. Candice Norcott has seen students with disabilities be invited into learning environments in ways they may never have been before. She explains, “[We have] the opportunity to see the ways we can be creative and continue to include them once we shift back to a COVID “normal” lifestyle again.”

This year has also opened the eyes of a lot of young people to social and political issues. Mental Health Counselor Katie Lear noticed it through growing empathy of kids saying, “The amount of empathy I’ve seen kids show for other kids in more difficult situations and the amount of political and social engagement has been really heartening.”  

Watch the full episode with Dr. Candice and Katie discussing kids’ mental health here.

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