CEO Corner: Bringing Success at Any Career Level

(NECN) - What can be done to improve diversity at local companies?

The Partnership, Inc. CEO Carol Fulp and two program participants join Peter Howe on CEO Corner and talk about why diversity is a smart business imperative.

Account executive Branden Getchell of Hill Holiday and GM Liz Cheng of WGBH are excellent examples of The Partnership's ability to help both an entry level professional and a high level executive.

"I think The Partnership should keep on keeping on. Because they've been doing just a tremendous job. But I think that more people need to know about you and what you're doing. Until I was in the program, I had no idea The Partnership existed," said Cheng. "I would love to see you folks published."

"I think what you guys do is absolutely fantastic and I keep saying the biggest thing that you guys did for me is empowered me to own my voice," said Getchell. "And I think that there's a lot of people who just kind of slide under the radar and are trying to do what their supervisor does. But their supervisor doesn't have the same voice that they do."

See the attached video for the complete discussion.

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