MassChallenge Finalist: Giant Otter

(NECN) - Another eye-catching business that is a finalist for the MassChallenge grand prize of $100,000 joined NECN Friday.

Giant Otter cofounders Geoff Marietta and Dr. Jeff Orkin stopped by to explain their company.

"We develop crowd-sourced social simulations that teach communications skills," said Marietta, from Harvard University. Our lead product is an anti-bullying simulation called School Life. Students actually walk in the shoes of a bullying victim and a bystander and they learn social perspective-taking skills and empathy skills that lead to improved relationships."

"We're about to pilot test this month at several local schools, middle schools," said Orkin, from MIT. "One in Dorchester, at the end of September, we're going to have all of their seventh graders play, and that will be our first pilot test."

See the attached video for the complete discussion.

For more information about Giant Otter, visit their website.

For more information about MassChallenge, visit their website.

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