Mass. Ballot Questions

Members of our Boston Business Editors Roundtable also discussed future of casinos in Mass.

Members of our Boston Business Editors Roundtable joined NECN to talk about the four ballot questions in Massachusetts and their potential impact on businesses and consumers.  

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh made a deal with Mohegan Sun this week that would provide the city with at least $300 million in investments over 15 years if the casino company wins a state gambling license.

George Donnelly, Boston Business Journal Editor, and Shirley Leung, Boston Globe Associate Editor, agreed that this was a deal that would benefit Boston.

“He managed to use their need to create a significant edge over Wynn to Boston’s benefit, if it ends up going to Revere,” Donnelly said.

“He said he’s not going to come out and favor one proposal or another, but my thinking is, by the way he’s treating Wynn now, he’s kind of leaning towards Mohegan. I feel like he’s sending the signal that maybe the Mohegan deal is better for Boston and better for the region than the Wynn deal,” Leung added.

In addition, the editors discussed the future of casinos and how the mayor of Boston is playing his hand behind the scenes. 

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