Maine Woman and Her Sled Dog Team Deliver Food, Essentials to Neighbors

Hannah Lucas, a musher, is getting things to her elderly neighbors via her Siberian Huskies

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A Maine woman has found a way to help out her neighbors during the coronavirus pandemic in a really unique way.

Hannah Lucas, from Caribou, is a musher who runs the Northlane Siberian Huskies and Seppala Siberian Sled Dog Team. She also works at the Circle K and decided to combine her two jobs by delivering essential items to her elderly neighbors.

"I work at a local Circle K and I have a lot of elderly come in buying small things like eggs, milk and fruits," Lucas said. "I just wanted to take out the step of them leaving the house."

While most people would just have their elderly friends call them, head to the store and load groceries in their car, Lucas looked at Aroostook County, which still has quite a bit of snow and decided she should do a good deed and give her Siberian Huskies some extra exercise at the same time.

"I have help from my fiancé David and my roommate Wyatt," Lucas said. "We each run our own teams of six dogs."

To get the groceries where they need to go, Lucas will go to a store and gather the essentials the teams will drop off.

Then, the dogs will take off down a snowmobile trail until they reach a parking lot along the way that's a mutually convenient rendezvous point for Lucas and the person she's delivering to.

"I'll keep the dogs on the trail and I'll walk up and carry the groceries," she explained. "They always want to see the dogs which is awesome since the dogs love everybody."

Lucas said she is hoping to continue delivering by sled dog for the next few weeks until it becomes too warm for the dogs to run.

"I'd say as long as I can keep the dogs with the brake on my sled, I'll be out there doing this," she said.

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