5 Viral Videos That You Need to See: September 14, 2015

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Bow Police Department

Two shootings, a wildfire, a giant wandering bird, and Donald Trump achieving peak Donald Trump. These are the top 5 viral videos of the day for September 14, 2015:

#1: Yup, there's an emu on the loose in New Hampshire. Over the past few days, police in Bow have received several reports of a 5'9" emu wandering around town. Here's a quick video of the big bird.

Police in Bow, New Hampshire, are asking residents to keep an eye out for a wandering emu.

#2: It was a scary scene on Sunday when a woman was shot during an Afro-Caribbean festival near the campus of MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our news crew captured this footage of the aftermath.

A festival turned violent in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Sunday afternoon after one person was shot near the MIT campus.

#3: A professor is dead following a shooting on Monday at Delta State University in Mississippi. A student shot this video of the campus lockdown.

#4: Another big story in recent days has been the 61,000-acre wildfire in Northern California, which killed at least one person, destroyed some 400 homes and sent residents fleeing along roads where buildings and vehicles were engulfed in flames. Here is some footage of the flames.

Martin Luther King Jr. was surrounded by guns, even though he didn't like them. At times, armed foot soldiers protected the Baptist preacher and his family. As he led protests across the rural South, King often stood in proximity of guns — wielded by local police, state troopers or hostile people in the crowds. On April 4, 1968, King became one of America's most famous victims of gun violence.

#5: "GENIUS!" In case you missed it, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared on the "Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon on Friday night. In addition to his interview, he also did a short segment with Fallon, dressed as Trump, interviewing "himself" in the mirror. WATCH IT below.

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