5 Viral Videos You Need to See: October 19, 2015

A look at the day's top videos

Here are today's 5 must see viral videos for October 19, 2015:

1. First snow falls in New England: Necn viewer Scott Bratten shared video of snow falling Saturday on Mt. Mansfield in Vermont. It was one of many reports of light snowfall around New England over the weekend.

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2. Crews Battle Fire at Large House: Everyone got out safely when a home on Bishopsgate Road in Newton, Massachusetts, caught fire Sunday night.

Everyone got out safely when a home on Bishopsgate Road caught fire Sunday night.

3. College Football Player Killed at ZombiCon: A North Miami Beach junior college football player was killed in the ZombiCon shooting in Fort Myers, Florida.

The “world’s largest” corn maze now has a design fit for champions.

4. Oldest Kangaroo on Record Celebrates Birthday: Patty, living at Zoo Miami, became the oldest of her species ever documented. Patty reached 27 years, 2 months and 12 days of age as zoo employees celebrated the momentous day with a birthday cake.

The United Arab Emirates has the strongest passport in the world, followed by Luxembourg and Switzerland, according to a 2023 index by Nomad Capitalist.

5. Man in Mustang Saves Dog From Fire, Then Drives Off: A man driving by in a Mustang went into a burning house to save a dog that was trapped inside, and then drove off.

When you're a mega-star self-care can easily fall off of the to-do list, but mental health seems to be one of Usher's top priorities to start off 2024.
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