2 Men Allegedly at Center of Little League Embezzlement Scandal

(NECN: Scot Yount, Somerville, Mass.) - Seventy-eight-year-old Stanley Komins and his 45-year-old son Stephen were at the helm of the West Medford Hillside Little League for two decades.

The officials who took over when they left thought something was very wrong, and the district attorney's office began an investigation. 

"Stan Komins was the president of the Little League Association for upwards of 20 years and his son served as treasurer," Prosecutor Lila Palmer told the court on Friday.

Now both are accused of essentially stealing money -- about $50,000 -- from the organization.

"The two gentlemen, your honor, are alleged to have embezzled funds both by writing checks to themselves, by writing checks to other people, and having those people cash funds that would have been proceeds from the snack stand, sales at little league games," Palmer said.

Those accusations came to light when the elder Komis retired. According to the district attorney, he left the organization with just $9 in a bank account and a $100 bill.

"It's a complicated case, your honor, where there are lots of financial documents, also a year of documents to go through," Palmer told the Somerville district court.

Both men were asked to surrender their passports. They are due back in court in early February.

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