4 Killed in Aurora, Colo.

(NECN/KUSA: Todd Walker, Aurora, Colo.) - A 19-hour standoff in Colorado has left four people dead.  The incident began Saturday morning at a home in Aurora.  

"I'll be honest with you, I've never been so scared in my life," Neighbor Michael Ignace said.

It may not look like it.. .  

"It blows my mind," Neighbor Erik Zaler said.  But this neighborhood is just like any other that's ever on the news. It's normally quiet.  

"It was scary no doubt because we had no idea where it was, we thought it might be this house, or this house," Neighbor Saunil Pawar said.

The person accused kept to himself.

"He didn't appear to want to say anything to anybody. So I leave people like that alone," Neighbor Darryl Williams said.  

That's the way it normally is. Today is not normal.  

"At about 3:23 exactly, I heard two shots so I came out. And my dog started crying," Shaima Bustios said.  

It wasn't long before that police say Stephanie Archuletta jumped out of a second story window to safety. Her husband, Sonny, may have been high on meth. He is believed to have killed three people inside this town home in Aurora.

After that he barricaded himself inside…  

"She's saying he has an assault rifle, he's going to open up on us."  

Refusing to come out for nearly six hours. After shooting at officers, police shot him through a second story window.  

"Our SWAT team goes out on numerous calls. Our patrol handle barricaded suspects all the time that end peacefully. Somebody, you know giving up and coming out and getting they need without injuring anybody. This obviously worst case scenario...it's horrible," said Cassiddee Carlson of the Aurora Police Department.  

It is not the ending anyone wanted - in a neighborhood no one suspected.   

"They were saying, we know you're scared. We won't hurt you," Zaler said.  On a day that is far from normal.

"How do I put it in perspective? You're absolutely right, I can't. This happened right next door to me," Ignace said.   

One neighbor reportedly said they had heard fights at that house before, but most said Sonny was friendly, but kept to himself.

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