All Eyes on Kate Middleton's Baby Bump

(NECN/NBC News: Michelle Kosinski, London) - Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, turned 31 years old Wednesday. No public celebrations were scheduled, but all eyes remained on the duchess for the first signs of a baby bump.

Kate and William planned to steal some private time for her day. That might be her most precious gift right now, as the birth of their royal heir approaches.  

The world is watching as their lives are about to change.   

Top Fashion Editor Lisa Armstrong writes for Vogue, which tracked all of the Duchess' fashions. They've learned that Kate seems to favor blue. And the average diameter of her curls? Two-point-five centimeters!  

When asked if Kate's fashion matters and why everyone cares so much, Armstrong replied:

"Because she represents us...because, unlike practically every other woman, or any other person with access to a twitter account or a website-- she has no public voice. She is mute! So her clothes are often one of the main ways she has of communicating."

Kate would also have her first official portrait unveiled in 2013.

In Northern Ireland Wednesday - in honor of Kate - the British flag was flown above Belfast City Hall. It's an issue that sparked some serious unrest there recently.

So many were watching, hoping that Kate's birthday would be as peaceful as it was uncharacteristically sunny and beautiful.

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