Anthony Galluccio Released on Parole

(NECN: Brad Puffer) - Shortly after leaving a Billerica, Massachusetts jail cell, former state senator Anthony Galluccio checked in with his parole officer, then headed back to his Cambridge home, a place he had not seen in six months.

Anthony Galluccio:

"I acknowledge and fully understand that the decisions I have made in the past have been hurtful, embarrassing and an enormous burden to those who have supported me."

He had last been seen led away in handcuffs. Now looking lighter than before, Galluccio spoke to reporters from his front steps. He refused to describe himself as an alcoholic, but admitted to abusing alcohol since he was a teenager.

Anthony Galluccio:

"Much of the good work I did over 17 years is going to be overshadowed and I accept that reality, part of my responsibility is to accept that work gets put to the side because I made some terrible mistakes."

Galluccio pleaded guilty last year to leaving the scene of an accident. He had previously been convicted twice of driving under the influence. On Wednesday, he apologized to the family injured in that crash.

Anthony Galluccio:

"It's not a matter of how often you abuse alcohol. Alcohol abuse in any form and at any time can and has been destructive in my life and so that's the lesson here."

Galluccio was sent to jail after violating his probation, blowing a positive reading on Breathalyzer test. Galluccio has argued it was toothpaste, not alcohol that set the test off.

Anthony Galluccio:

"That is an issue that will be resolved in the appeal and I am sure there will be ample time for discussion about that later on."

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