Autopsy Results Not Yet Released in Fatal RI Sledding Accident

(NECN: Justin Michaels, Providence, RI) – It was a tragic accident in Rhode Island. A teenage girl was killed in a sledding accident.

Sledding is 'off limits' at that park in Providence.

The sledding hill at Neutaconkanut Hill Park in Providence, R.I. is still closed to sledding after the tragic death of a 17-year-old Wednesday.

Alexandria Alvarez, or Allie to her friends, was sledding here with her friends. She came down this steep hill, hit a small tree and sustained internal injuries that later killed her.

She was rushed to Rhode Island Hospital where she was pronounced dead a few hours later.

Her mother says she died of internal bleeding and, because of this accident, city officials are looking at all city sledding hills to see if improvements need to be made for safety.

“We’re going to thoroughly look at the conditions and what happened so we know it’s safe when we do eventually open it back up,” says public safety commissioner Steven Pare.

An autopsy was conducted Thursday on Allie. No results have been released so far.

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