Boeing's ‘Dreamliner' Plane Grounded

(NECN/CNN) - Boeing is grounding test flights of its next-generation passenger jet.

Boeing has halted test flights of its 787 Dreamliner after the new jet was forced to make an emergency landing in Texas yesterday.

The state-of-the-art 787 touched down safely after a crew member reported smoke in the cabin. Everyone on board evacuated via the escape slides.

The company says it's too early to say what caused the incident. The Dreamliner is Boeing's next-generation passenger jet that is much more fuel-efficient than the competition and it's made with mostly composite materials.

But the aircraft is three years behind schedule after many design and production problems. The 787 finally made its maiden flight in December of 2009. Despite numerous set-backs, the head of Boeing's commercial aircraft division said the Dreamliner could still make its commercial debut in early 2011.

The company has nearly 900 orders for the jet around the world but despite healthy advance orders, the 787 has yet to win approval from U.S. regulators for passenger use.

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