College Students Protest TransCanada Pipeline

(NECN: Kristen Carosa) - Chains, locks and superglue was used by demonstrators Monday in Westborough, Mass. to protest the construction of an oil pipeline from Canada to the midwest.

The sit-in was part of an ongoing protest over TransCanada's association with construction of an oil pipeline in the midwest.

Police arrested eight protestors, but had to call in the fire department and local locksmiths to help remove them.

Chief Alan Gordon says it took three hours to unglue the protestors hands and to unlock their ankles.

Most of the protestors were taken to the station with chains around their waist.

"They were pretty passive, they didn't fight with us, they were singing songs, it was not a violent protest," says Chief Gordon.

The protestors face multiple charges, according to Chief Gordon, and will need to pay for the locksmith and damages to town equipment.

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