Fla. Deputies Recover After Bull Chase

(NECN/WESH: Dave McDaniels) - A section of Interstate 75 looked like a rodeo Saturday as a loose bull knocked over an Alachua County, Florida deputy and chased a trooper onto the hood of a cruiser.

Dashcam video from a cruiser shows the bull running down Sgt. Richard LaLonde in the middle of the road.

"Some bruised ribs, a bruised elbow, and a bruised knee and nothing too serious," said LaLonde of his injuries in a phone interview.

LaLonde has been an Alachua County deputy for 16 years. He even grew up in a rural area, but his experience around loose livestock has been limited.

Deputies were responding to a crash but didn't know that a livestock trailer involved in the crash was ripped open.

"I knew when he fell. When he looked around, he wasn't happy," said LaLonde.

Video from another dashcam shows Trooper Matt Simmons diving over the hood of his cruiser to avoid the bull.

Luckily for LaLonde, the bull didn't have horns.

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