Malden, Mass. Resident Fails to Register as Sex Offender

(NECN: Scot Yount - Malden, Mass.) –   Fifty-year-old Vincent Pellino is a Level 3 sex offender. He served time in prison for abusing a child under the age of 14 back in 2004. He is on probation. Part of his release required him to register with the state's sex offender registry.  

"The defendant was living in Malden in an apartment across the street from what that individual described as a charter school on Eastern Ave. in Malden," said prosecutor Theresa Young in open court.

On all documents, however, he allegedly listed his mother’s Saugus home as his address. But police said that instead, he was living in Malden with his new wife, whose apartment is next to an athletic field, a school and a day care center. According to prosecutors, a family member turned in Pellino after being asked to sort mail that Pellino was allegedly having delivered to his mother's house.

"He stated that he is responsible for sorting that mail and the defendant comes by during the week but at no point stays there,” Young said. “He stated that the defendant is living full time with his new wife on Eastern Avenue in Malden.”

That family member said Pellino -- who works five jobs, according to his defense attorney -- had an elaborate system in place.

"He was told by his uncle that … to tell the cops that he lives in Saugus if he was ever approached by the police," Young said.

Pellino's family members were in court, and at one point he appeared to mouth the words I love you in their direction.

"The allegations are made by a disgruntled family member,” said defense attorney Michael Hickey in open court. “He was on a GPS monitor until it was either June or July of last year, so I don't think he was fooling the GPS at that particular time.”

Malden Police said the family member did the right thing.

"That's what the sex offender registry is set up for -- instances such as this, to try and to keep those checks and balances, in fact, in place, and that's our job, is to take care of it," said Malden Police Lt. Marc Gatcomb.

Perillo's bail was set at $3,000 cash.

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