More Setbacks for Efforts to Revitalize Boston's Downtown Crossing

(NECN: Greg Wayland) - There's been another setback for efforts to revitalize the heart of Boston's Downtown shopping district.

Some of the largest property owners involved in the project are backing out. That means 25% of the budget for maintenance and upgrades to the area is going away.

In August, dozens of business owners asked permission to help put life back into the area by paying extra taxes. Over 80% of those owners decided to sign on. That money was supposed to amount to about $1 million. Now, those businesses have decided to tell the city that they're not interested in getting involved anymore.

None of the partners opting out have commented. Boston mayor Tom Menino is on record calling them "selfish" and "bad neighbors."

But keep in mind, there are some fifty blocks of businesses involved. Bank of America and State Street Corporation are among the big players who still want to be counted in.

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