New Concerns Over Alcohol-infused Whipped Cream

(NECN: Brad Puffer, Boston, Mass.) - Four Loko is nearly gone, but now, alcohol regulators are worrying about what they say is another potentially dangerous new product, alcoholic whipped cream.

It's called Cream, a 30-proof alcohol infused whipped product that is now flying off the shelves of the Wine Emporium in Boston's South End.

"Fourth week in a row we had to reorder it and I'm like God knows what people are doing with it but obviously it sells, people are interested."

Manager Max Pandolari says it may be a gimmick - but it does not yet appear to be a choice of college students. It is marketed for desserts and coffee drinks and costs $13 a can.

"This is definitely a more sophisticated crowd, no kids at all at this point."

Still, just weeks after banning Four Loko, Cream has caught the attention of state regulators. Dr. Anita Barry, a director at the Boston Public Health Commission, says one of the biggest concerns is a lack of clear labeling on the can as to the amount of alcohol inside.

"And if a product looks like something else it is easy to not be aware that it might contains a lot of alcohol."

Among college students in Boston who had heard of or tried the now banned Four Loko, we could not find anyone who had tried Cream.

"This is just a new concept. Haven't heard of it before."

"It sounds like a really easy way to get drunk."

"That's one of the problems with alcohol drinks that the market will just be flooded with other products if you try to ban one."

With so many products containing alcohol now hitting store shelves, regulators are trying to keep up, and trying to make sure the products are safe. Pendolari says he does not believe this latest product some with the same risk as a drink like Four Loko.

"I don't think because of the makeup of the product and the sweetness of the product you would overindulge in the product."

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