New Englanders Stuck Between Seasons Prep for Next Storm

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(NECN: Katelyn Tivnan, Brookline, Mass.) - From roof rakes to lawn rakes, and from bark mulch to rock salt, hardware stores like True Value in Brookline, Mass. are finding themselves stuck between seasons.

"You've got to have a little stock for the season you're in and what's ahead," said Ernest Waters. "You've always got to be thinking."

The store changed its displays two weeks ago, but with more cold weather and the chance of snow on the way, customers are finding themselves stocking up on a combination of seasonal supplies.

"People have been buying soil and mulch and then, cold days, people are getting prepared," said Waters. "Making sure we still have ice melt, gloves, and things like that."

Nearby, at the Robert T. Lynch Municipal Golf Course, the 12th hole looks better suited for ice skates than golf clubs. The conditions are keeping the course closed until Mother Nature decides it's time for spring temperatures.

"She's in control of everything, and as the weather pattern has been, we've been in such a cold pattern since November, this is going to take us longer to open up," said course superintendent Mike Murphy.

Murphy says in a business that's so weather-driven, you learn to expect the unexpected. But there is fear the back and forth could pose a big problem.

"If the grass decides to wake up and start taking up water, and then we have a flash freeze, it could cause a self-destruction," he said.

"It's supposed to be spring, right?" asked Noa Vardy. "And we are still waiting for it?"

People bundled up outside Monday are also wondering who will win the battle between seasons and when they can put this winter behind them.

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