• residents rescued Jan 12

    Police Help Rescue 8 From House Fire in New Hampshire

    A police sergeant and his fellow officers helped rescue eight residents from a burning apartment building early Tuesday morning in Manchester, New Hampshire.

  • apartment fire Jan 12

    Police Sergeant Spots NH Apartment Fire, Helps Evacuate Residents

    A New Hampshire police sergeant is being credited with saving the residents of a burning building in Manchester after he spotted the fire early Tuesday morning. Manchester police Sgt. Michael Lavallee was on routine patrol at about 1:15 a.m. when he noticed the heavy fire at a 3-story building on Auburn Street, the department said. Lavallee called the fire in…

  • New Hampshire Jan 8

    New Hampshire Authorities Seek Answers in Manchester Woman's Death

    Authorities in New Hampshire investigating the untimely death of a Manchester woman late last month are asking the public for information. Cynthia Halloran, 69, was found dead shortly after 7:30 a.m. of Dec. 30, according to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office. Her body was found behind a field at the Youngsville Baseball Complex in Manchester. An autopsy was conducted…


    Manchester, NH Police Looking for Woman Accused of Endangering Her Children

    Police in New Hampshire are actively looking for a 35-year-old Manchester woman accused of endangering her young children on at least two occasions. Manchester police have a warrant out for Stephanie Goddu’s arrest. The New Hampshire mom is wanted on two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, police said Friday. Officers were notified on Jan. 6 that two…

  • MANCHESTER Dec 30, 2020

    Authorities Investigate Woman's Death in Manchester, NH

    Authorities were investigating what they described as the untimely death of a woman in Manchester, New Hampshire, Wednesday. Attorney General Gordon MacDonald and Manchester police said the death was reported off of Route 28 near Lake Massabesic. No further information was immediately available. This is a developing story and will be updated with details.

  • MANCHESTER Dec 28, 2020

    Authorities Seek Man Who Allegedly Assaulted NH Hotel Worker Over Mask Dispute

    Authorities in Manchester, New Hampshire are seeking a 23-year-old man accused of throwing a vase at a hotel employee after being asked to wear a face covering earlier this month. Police are seeking to arrest Ayuen Leek, of Manchester, on a second-degree felony assault charge in connection to the incident at the Holiday Inn Express on Porter St. on Dec….

  • assault Dec 28, 2020

    Warrant Issued for Man Wanted In NH Hotel Assault

    An arrest warrant has been issued for a New Hampshire man wanted for an alleged assault that took place at a Manchester hotel earlier this month.

  • MANCHESTER Dec 22, 2020

    Man Arrested in NH Over Shooting at Lowell Elder Care Facility

    A 33-year-old man has been arrested in New Hampshire in connection with a shooting at an elder care facility in Massachusetts. Manchester, New Hampshire, resident Nicholas Stuntebeck was arrested for allegedly shooting a man Saturday at a facility on Varnum Avenue in Lowell, according to Lowell police. Lowell officers were called to the facility early Saturday morning and found a…

  • MANCHESTER Dec 16, 2020

    Deaths of Woman and 2-Year-Old Under Investigation in Manchester, NH

    Authorities are investigating the deaths of a woman and a 2-year-old boy in Manchester, New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office said Monday that two deaths were under investigation. Tuesday, the deceased people were identified as 25-year-old Mercedes Tremblay and 2-year-old Mason Tremblay. The cause of Mercedes Tremblay’s death was determined to be a single gunshot wound to...

  • MANCHESTER Dec 14, 2020

    Police Investigate 2 Deaths in Manchester, NH

    Authorities in Manchester, New Hampshire were investigating to two untimely deaths, officials said Monday. In a statement, Attorney General Gordon MacDonald and Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg said authorities were responding to the deaths Monday afternoon, without further elaboration. They did not elaborate on whether or not the deaths were related. This is a developing story and will updated as…

  • New Hampshire Dec 14, 2020

    Two Dead in Manchester; NH Authorities Investigating

    Authorities in Manchester, New Hampshire were investigating to two untimely deaths, officials said Monday.

  • masks Dec 12, 2020

    Police Investigating 2 Assaults Over Masks in Manchester, NH

    Police in Manchester, New Hampshire, are investigating two assaults that took place over mask-wearing. One of the incidents took place at the Holiday Inn Express. Surveillance video captured a man walking through the lobby, grabbing a glass vase, and then throwing it at a hotel employee. The staffer was hit in the face. Investigators say the man had been in…

  • MANCHESTER Dec 11, 2020

    Man Threw Vase at NH Hotel Worker Who Asked Him to Wear a Mask: Police

    Police are looking for the man who hit a woman in the face with a glass vase this week at the New Hampshire hotel where she works after the woman asked him to wear a mask. The incident took place Tuesday night at a Manchester Holiday Inn Express, local police said Friday, asking the public’s help to identify the...

  • Northern Lights Dec 10, 2020

    Northern Lights Could Be Visible in New England This Week

    A solar flare ejected from the sun on Monday, and since then it’s become clear that what’s called a coronal mass ejection, or a large cloud of energetic particles, was also released and is headed for earth. This coronal mass ejection, or CME, is predicted to arrive later on Wednesday and will initiate what’s called a “geomagnetic storm” —...

  • MANCHESTER Dec 5, 2020

    Man Killed in Tent Fire at Homeless Camp in Manchester: NH Officials

    A man was killed during a fire at a homeless camp in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Saturday, fire officials said. Authorities responded to a 911 report of an explosion behind 168 Willow Street around 1 p.m. Saturday afternoon. There, they found a tent fire raging at a homeless camp beside the railroad tracks. When the fire was extinguished, one adult…

  • New Hampshire Nov 23, 2020

    Boston Man Charged in Crash That Injured 4 People: Police

    A Boston man who crashed his car into two vehicles and injured four people early Sunday morning in New Hampshire is facing a felony charge, state police said. The crash happened on Interstate 293 around 2 a.m. in Manchester, police said. Paul Bartlett Jr., 31, had been speeding on an overpass when he rear-ended a Toyota SUV, sending that vehicle…

  • MANCHESTER Nov 22, 2020

    Mass. Man Charged With Murder in Connection to Manchester, Conn. Commuter Lot Shooting

    Connecticut State Police have arrested a man and charged him with murder in connection to a double shooting in a commuter lot in Manchester over the summer. State police said 21-year-old Gregory Crichlow, of Springfield, Massachusetts, was arrested on Saturday. He was taken into custody following a surveillance operation and a vehicle stop in Hartford, investigators added. According to police,…

  • homelessness Nov 20, 2020

    NH Evicts Homeless From Encampment at Manchester Courthouse

    A homeless encampment outside of a Manchester, New Hampshire, courthouse was cleared Friday, state officials said, with tickets issued to people who refused to go. The encampment had grown for months at the Hillsborough County Courthouse and persisted, with assistance from the community, when an eviction notice was issued by New Hampshire Monday that said there’s no camping on...

  • coronavirus Nov 20, 2020

    Homeless Encampment at NH Courthouse Remains After State Eviction Deadline

    The coronavirus pandemic is intensifying an already alarming problem with homelessness in the City of Manchester. Since the pandemic started, there’s been homeless encampment growing outside a courthouse in Manchester, New Hampshire. Earlier this month, state officials issued an eviction notice, saying there’s no camping on state property, but that deadline has come and gone. “It’s been hard since there...

  • coronavirus Nov 19, 2020

    Homeless Encampment Persists Outside NH Courthouse

    A homeless encampment has been growing outside the courthouse in Manchester, New Hampshire, since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and it remains despite an eviction order.

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