Patriots Ticket Giveaway Winners Are Speechless With Joy

(NECN: Scot Yount - Foxborough, Mass.) – Robert Trahan joked about his thoughts upon finding out that his daughter Brittany had won tickets to Sunday’s AFC Championship game between the Patriots and the Ravens at Gillette Stadium.

"Really, that is something,” he said. “So that is why we are down here – now, it is starting to come together. I think I have just been had.”

It was a contest held on Twitter by Dunkin' Donuts. People sent in pictures and stories as to why they should win.

"[I] just brought him here and told him I had a surprise for him," said Brittany Trahan.

Brittany won, saying her father who was laid off last year was the biggest Patriots fan ever.  She wanted to thank him for all had done for her.

"I was trying to actually get tickets to the game and, you know, they were out of sight as far as the cost to try to get a ticket,” Robert said.

"Oh my gosh, I am just sitting by the phone, just begging and praying and waiting," Brittany said.

Chris Demain is in the Army National Guard, and next month, he will head out on his first deployment in Afghanistan. His mother entered the contest and told her son's story.

"I am speechless, to be honest with you -- it is kind of unreal, like still taking it all in," Demain said after winning. "You know, it is going to be something that I'll have on my mind for my deployment, something that I will keep in mind, something I will never forget. And it will be memories to pass down over and over. But yeah, I am speechless.”

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