Police: Woman's Body Found in Lisbon, Maine

(NECN: Amy Sinclair) - Thirty-year-old Buddy Robinson of Lewiston, Maine has already been convicted for the murder of his former co-worker and neighbor Christiana Fesmire, but the young woman's body was never found, until Tuesday, when Lewiston police received information that led them to a dirt trail off Ferry Road in Lisbon.

"The investigation we were following up on, was in regards to Christiana Fesmire, specifically where her remains were," said Lewiston Police Chief Michael Bussiere.

Robinson lived upstairs from Fesmire in a Highland Avenue building. Based on blood evidence and a series of text messages sent by Robinson, police concluded he beat and drowned her in his bathtub on July 1, 2011, then wrapped her body in a blanket, disposing of it somewhere nearby.

On Wednesday, with help from veteran forensic pathologist Marcella Sorg, investigators removed the skeletal remains from this wooded area in Lisbon about 10 miles from the Lewiston apartment building where the murder occurred.

"Most of the body was in a scattered arrangement fairly close together," Sorg said.

Now it's up to the Medical Examiner's Office to confirm the identity using DNA and dental records.

Kayla Leet, a friend of Fesmire's who lives across the street from where the murder took place, says she's just glad it's over.

"To not have the closure, not have somebody to bury is a horrible for anybody to deal with, particularly a parent," Leet said.

It took the jury just one hour and 15 minutes to convict Robinson, so Fesmire's family has already seen their daughters murderer go to jail - now they may finally know what happened to her.

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