Rhode Island Man Charged With Stabbing Parents, Killing Father

(NECN: Tom Langford, Tiverton, RI) - The stabbings took place around midnight, outside the Beaulieu family home on a quiet street in Tiverton, Rhode Island.

Police say 29 year old Joel Beaulieu stabbed his parents multiple times during an argument so loud, the whole neighborhood heard it.

Neighbor Barbara Beaulieu, who has the same last name but is not related, said, "you could hear screams and there were car doors opening and shutting it was very very noisy."

Joel's father, Conrad Beaulieu was killed and his mother, Dianne Beaulieu, was seriously hurt.

The two have spent the last 30 years teaching foreign languages at Tiverton High School and Middle School.

Former student Derrick McCoy said, "everyone liked Mr. and Mrs. Beaulieu. Teachers, students, parents. I've talked to some teachers online about it, everyone's upset."

Middle school principal Patricia Aull said, "they are two tremendously dedicated teachers. Conrad will be greatly missed by the staff, students and school community. Our hearts go out ot Dianne and we hope that she will be back with us soon.

Police Lieutenant Patrick Jones said, police have no motive for the attack, "at this point, we just have no reason why the son would do this, but we're continuing with our investigation."

And neighbor Barbara Beaulieu said that she had never seen or heard the family argue before.

"They appeared to be a very happy family. But of course, we do not know what goes on behind closed doors."

Joel Beaulieu faces charges of murder and assault with intent to murder. He is set to be arraigned in Newport District Court on Tuesday.

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