Robbery Turns Into Hostage Situation in Lawrence, Mass.

(NECN: Deanna Morgan) - South Union Street Market was closed Saturday afternoon. As of right now, it's anyone's guess when it'll open up after what happened Friday night.

Three men were caught on surveillance camera going into the store and pointing their machine guns at the clerk before jumping over the counter.

Two other people were in the store with them -- the store's owner and his wife.

The thieves took money, but that wasn't enough - they also manhandle the clerk.

The three men are 18 and 19 years old, according to police.  

"Two of these individuals are wanted in connection with another robbery...warrants for their arrest...about six or seven in the course of a month," said Chief John Romero.

In this robbery, when police arrived on scene, one of the men saw the officer and took off running in the store. The owner and his wife escaped out the back door.  

"At that point we surrounded the store," said Romero. "When they realized we were outside, the three individuals tried to get out."

An hour later, Lawrence Police and SWAT, along with Essex County sheriff's deputies, and state troopers arrested Michael Alicea, Richard Mora, and Rubin Saldana on the spot.

"Punks, that's what they are, committing crimes like this against people who are here just trying to make a living...and they're subjected to things like this, it's just terrible," said Romero.

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