Sandusky Defense Expected to Wrap Up Its Case

(NECN/NBC News: Chris Pollone, Bellefonte, Penn.) - The defense is expected to rest in the Jerry Sandusky case on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, attorneys on both sides questioned a parade of defense witnesses who praised Jerry Sandusky's character and probed his mental state.

However, the most anticipated testimony came from the woman who has spent 45 years by Sandusky's side.

As a potential witness, dottie sandusky could not attend the trial which will determine whether her husband goes to prison or remains a free man. 

But on Tuesday, the former coaches' wife took the stand, denying any awareness of the crimes of which he's accused.

Sandusky is charged with molesting ten boys over 15-years. Several accusers testified Dottie Sandusky was nearby in the sandusky home when her husband abused them.

She told jurors she never saw or heard anything.

But on cross examination, when asked why eight accusers and an independent witness would lie about her husband, dottie sandusky said, "i don't know what it would be for."

The defense has a theory… which is shared by a small group of sandusky's supporters.

"I think they're out for money"... I think so," said Joyce Porter, a friend of Dottie Sandusky. 

Earlier, a defense expert said Jerry Sandusky suffers from histrionic personality disorder, which might explain why the former coach wrote an unusual love letter to one of his accusers.

A prosecution expert disagreed with that assessment.

Most defense witnesses have praised sandusky's character and his dedication to charity work.

"These character witnesses really do nothing other than the fact that they signal to the jury that are people who have come forward that are reputable in the community who are standing by Sandusky," NBC News Legal Analyst Wesley Oliver said.

And as Sandusky arrived at court Wednesday morning it still unknown if he will take the stand in his own defense.

The judge had emphasized that the defense is still on track to rest by lunch time. The jury could have the case as early as Thursday afternoon.
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