School Meeting Over Everett Principal's Controversial Video

*UPDATE: Everett, Mass. principal Erick Naumann will be suspended for two days

(NECN: Justin Michaels, Everett, Mass.) - Another closed-door meeting was expected to be held in Everett, Mass. Tuesday morning - over a parody video posted on YouTube that was produced by a school principal and media teacher.

The Everett superintendent has said that Principal Erick Naumann will not be fired over the video.

The first-year principal and Media Teacher Roy Barrows produced the video, and it was shown to the students at Everett High School on Jan. 7 during the morning announcements.

"They've been Naumannated."

"Naumannated for what?"

"Just Naumannated."

That is an excerpt from the video, in which Principal Naumann responds to a teacher about a student's absence. In the video, Naumann walks through Everett High wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket.

It's a parody of the "The Terminator" move series, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"Everyone makes mistakes."

Naumann spoke with the media Monday night after a school committee meeting to hear from the public about their thoughts and concerns about Naumann's video.

Both students and parents spoke and most were in support of their principal.

"I don't think the video was portrayed to anything bad. I just think he was trying to find a way to connect with his students more."

"As a parent, I was not offended. I was not scared about the video. I actually liked the video."

"It showed that he will go to extreme measures to get a better connection with his students."

But there were some, in light of the Sandy Hook school shootings, that had concerns.

"It is very scary. Just in this time it is right now, that's all this is… I'm a parent that… I was scared to send my daughter to school today because I'm not educated on who Mr. Naumann is."

Naumann admitted to understanding concerns like that, and said he is hoping he can be forgiven soon.

"I just hope we can move forward from this as a city and a town you can see the community that we have here, it's great…and, hopefully, we can move forward," Principal Naumann said.

Stay with NECN and for the latest developments on Tuesday's meeting with Naumann, Media Teacher Roy Barrows, and the superintendent.

There could be disciplinary action but again, neither is expected to be fired.

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