Somerville, Mass. Runs Out of Flu Vaccine

(NECN: Jackie Bruno: Somerville, Mass.) - The city of Somerville, Mass., has run out of free flu vaccines. They administered about 720 so far this season, about double the amount they usually give out.

Public Health Nurse Maureen Monagle says "It's very unusual for us. We never run out for vaccines usually."

Mayor Joseph Curtatone told a packed room of reporters that the city was aggressive with their vaccine outreach this year. He said they started in October and steadily gave out vaccines until they ran out this Tuesday. They have requested more vaccines from the state.

Mayor Curtatone said: "The season started earlier, is longer, and affecting more people than usual."

Still, there are only 25 reported cases of flu in Somerville, much lower than some communities. The Mayor has asked anyone who needs a flu shot to get one from their physician or from pharmacies until they get more vaccines.

Curtatone released a statement later Thursday, in which he said some vaccine had been donated to the city and is available while supplies last:

"Earlier this afternoon, we received word from our partners at the Cambridge Health Alliance – which has several offices and clinics in the city of Somerville – extending an offer to donate 100 doses of Flulaval, an influenza vaccine for adults ages 18 and older.  The additional 100 doses will be available at flu clinics, as supplies last, on Thursday evenings – beginning today - from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Somerville Health Department, 50 Evergreen Ave.  Residents with questions about the vaccination, supply, or other general information should contact the Public Health Nurse Manager, Maureen Monagle, at 617-625-6600, ext. 3620.  Please note, the city of Somerville is not the only local source for flu vaccines.  As of Thursday, local pharmacies have reported that they still have some doses.  You should also check with your primary care provider."

Also, if you have questions or concerns, you can call 311 for more information.

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