Spencer, Mass. Man Marches in Inaugural Parade

(NECN: Mike Cronin) - And a local man was at the inauguration Monday, keeping the beat during the parade. And this wasn't his first time marching in the inaugural festivities.
President Barack Obama was sworn in for his second term. Among the hundreds of thousands gathered is a staff sergeant from Spencer, Mass.

“That is what the Army hired him to do is to play the drums,” says Jerry Robertson whose son is marching in the parade.

Robertson's son, Glenn Robertson, is a drummer in the United States Army's band known as the Volunteers. On Monday, Glenn performed for the President during the inaugural parade. Jerry says his son and fellow musicians are talented.

“Everything from Kelly Clarkson and Lady Gaga to Willy Nelson, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, everything; they're like the best cover band you'll ever hear.”

Jerry says his son attended UMass Amherst and played in the marching band. Eight years ago, he says Glenn and classmates marched at President George W. Bush's inauguration. But Jerry says Glenn's experience on Monday is different than last time.

“Because eight years ago, he was down there with UMass and you know, party time; let's go march in the parade and have a good time. Now, today he's doing it as an honor and he's honored to be marching in front of his commander and chief.”

Jerry says Glenn joined the military three years ago. He beat 50 other drummers for the job he has now. Jerry says his son has performed across the country and overseas.

“He feels that this is his small way he can give back. He can do what he does and give it to them.”

Jerry says he taught Glenn all about music when he was a boy, but now his son is doing the teaching. He adds Glenn is honored to represent where he's from.

“He represents his family, he represents his country, he represents the people of Massachusetts and Spencer, he takes a lot of pride in that and you can't say enough about something like that.”

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