Storm Brings Flooding Concerns to Much of Mass.

(NECN: Kathryn Sotnik, Lowell, Mass.) - A large section of Wentworth Avenue in Lowell was submerged in flood waters Monday.

Two cars were also stranded after firefighters say drivers attempted to pass around road barrels and then became stuck.

"It's never been this severe," said Ruby Duhamel.

Duhamel says crews offered to take her out of her home by small boat, but she decided to stay put.

"The furnace was still above water, the firefighters did ask me if I wanted to leave. They came by boat, and I said, 'No, as long as it's not dangerous,'" she said.

"We're suspecting a beaver dam blocking a 36-inch drainage pipe on Phoenix Ave, the next street over," said Shannon Cohan of Lowell Regional Wastewater.

That, combined with a nearby swamp, a stream and what felt like the non-stop rain, added to the flooding.

Throughout the day, emergency crews also kept a close eye on a nearby nursing home.

Boylston Street was also flooded out, but the reason for that flooding, according to workers, is different.

"We have a drain line that's blocked that ties out to the state highway, so we've got to work with the state and get that cleared out there," said Cohan.

Now that the water is draining, the cleanup, for many, will begin.

Residents and concerned about mold in their basements.

"I do have water in my basement," said Duhamel. "And it's the whole basement."

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