Toddler With Leukemia Acts as Best Man at Parents’ Wedding

(NECN/NBC: Brandon Hudson) - Two parents in Pennsylvania were given bad news shortly after their son was born - he had Leukemia.

Initially, Sean and Christine Stevenson planned to wait for their son, Logan, to improve before they would be married. But the development of a tumor in Logan's kidney meant things had to be moved up as Logan was only given a few weeks left to live.

So over the weekend, the Stevensons' backyard in Jeanette, Pa. turned into the site for their dream wedding.

"It's my heart and my soul to be here and do this with my family today," Christine Stevenson said.

"We're just blessed every day that he's here with us," Sean added.

With Logan as best man, the couple was married in a wedding consisting of dozens of donations from family, strangers and businesses.

The parents said their grateful for all the support, both for their son and for their wedding.

"This is our dream come true - all our family together," Christine said. "And we're all together celebrating. It's a celebration of my son's life and a celebration of our marriage."

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