Toll Booths in NH Gearing Up for Memorial Day Weekend

(NECN: Lauren Collins, Hampton, N.H.) - Millions of people are hitting the roads over the Memorial Day weekend.

More Americans are driving this year, even though the overall numbers are down for the Memorial Day holiday.

"Roads have been very easy, we came up 495 no problem," said Lou Pagano, traveling from Rhode Island.

The unofficial start of the summer usually ushers long waits at the tolls in Hampton, N.H., the gateway to New England’s northern coast. But the high-speed EZ Pass lanes installed in 2010 have significantly reduced those backups. It doesn’t hurt to leave early either.

According to AAA, 34.8 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more this holiday weekend, and the majority of them will drive. In New England, 10.7-percent of residents will travel, and 540,000 are expected to visit New Hampshire.

Extra drivers on the roads also means extra state patrols over the weekend.

Mass. State Police Maj. Arthur Sugrue said, "Focusing on cell phone use among junior operations, distracted driving, texting while driving, illegal street racing as well as a zero-tolerance policy on alcohol use."

The monitoring of alcohol applies to state parks, beaches and pools, though it isn’t likely people will want to stay outside this weekend.

Lauren Collins has more.

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