Who Has the Best Hair – Brady Or Tebow?

(NECN: Eileen Curran, Foxboro, Mass.) - Terrence Manning, owner of Soho Hair Design in North Attleboro, Ma savors the peace and quiet Friday Morning. He knows once the Patriots finish practicing at Gillette Stadium, many will be in his salon for a cut.

“The guys come in (and) they have the same ritua,l the same routine,” said Manning.  “They come in on Friday to get their hair done (and get) the same thing done.”

Mannning has been trimming Patriot locks for 13 years. He’s gone to the Superbowl twice with the team. So we asked him the burning question about Saturday’s playoff game between the Pats and the Broncos: when it come to the two quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Tim Tebow, who has the better hair?

Manning takes a deep breath. “Tom has better hair, he’s all made up. Tim Tebow, he kinda contradicts everything - he has the bad boy messy hair then, when you talk to him he’s more like soft spoken choirboy type of thing going on.”

Just about every aspect of the two quarterbacks has been compared and debated. It’s all part of the hype leading up to the game. But when it comes to on the field, Former Patriot quarterback Steve Grogan says there’s no comparison.

“Brady has not only more experience in big games, He has a lot more weapons than Tim Tebow has,” said Grogan. This offense is just unbelievable with the two young tightends and (Wes) Welker.”

Speaking of Welker, he has some facial hair going and growing for the playoffs. He announced on Twitter Monday, he was growing a mustache.

He’s encouraging his teammates and fans going to the game to sport one, real or otherwise.

Manning says he understands the superstitious nature of players and facial hair, but he hopes Welker will shave it off - after the Superbowl of course!

“I don’t think that’s him,” said Manning.  “He’s more of that clean-cut, shaved look.”

Manning doesn’t expect any player to change his look during the playoffs. But there is one guy he’d lie to get a hold of after the Superbowl: Bill Belicheck.

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