A Warmer, Brighter Sunday to Come

The strongest high-pressure system of 2015 over Quebec Canada, combined with a stalled front south of New England, all the way to Florida, has produced a prolonged nor'easter here in New England.

But we now see improvement on the way. That high-pressure center crosses Maine on Sunday pushing the front southward, away from New England.

That means increasing sunshine, decreasing wind, and warmer air.

After another frosty start in northern New England Sunday, the temperature will rebound close to 60° with sunshine.

In southern New England cloudy skies tonight will keep the temperature up around 45°, with a brisk breeze continuing in from the ocean.

The clouds in southern New England will thin out with breaks of sunshine for the afternoon, most of New England should be dry for our Sunday.

Wind at the shore will still be gusting past 25 mph from the Northeast, but away form the shore we will have lighter wind from the northeast.

As the high-pressure system moves offshore on Monday we will continue with the warming trend, and increasing sunshine.

Tuesday and Wednesday look nice with mostly sunny skies and highs near 70°.

A week front from Canada will bring a few clouds and slightly cooler air to New England for the end of the week. Some wet weather is possible with a stronger front later Friday into Saturday.

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