An Autumn Lashing

Well, we feared there would be a time when we got too much of a good thing. And it looks like tonight we did. Inundating rain slammed Greater Worcester with reports of flash flooding as 2-3 inches of water fell in a matter of a couple of hours. Cars were stranded, basements filled with water and tropical rains were unrelenting. Later, storms marched out of Worcester and swept through Metrowest with gusty winds and more heavy rain.

A veritable axis of fire hose rain set up from Southern New Hampshire straight down into Eastern Long Island. East and west of that line, the rain was briefly intense, but nothing compared to what we saw in Greater Worcester and Eastern Connecticut.

Overnight, we'll pass the baton to Maine where intense rain may cause more flooding. Meantime, a lull will settle in across Southern New England as we await the final leg of rain by midday tomorrow. Here too we can expect a few storms, but the rain will be much less intense as the tropical connection will be severed.

The other chapter of this autumn saga includes falling temps late Saturday and increasing wind. Gusts will ramp up Saturday night as the colder air rushes in on the backside of the storm.

The much-advertised snow for Vermont is still on tap as temperatures continue to drop Saturday night. Highest elevations of the Green Mountains could see up to 3-5", while the lower elevations will see a coating to 1". It's our first taste of winter and the grand finale for this storm.

Winds will continue to be an issue through Sunday as gusts creep up into the 40-45mph range. With water-logged soil and trees stressed from months of drought, it won't take much to uproot trees - especially in Worcester County. Be advised that there will be isolated power outages.

We'll see the REAL cold funnel in after Monday. Chill temps last through midweek before a rebound.

Make it a safe weekend.

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