Another January Thaw On The Way

Tomorrow marks the halfway point of meteorological winter.

Winter will be around for the holiday weekend, but another January thaw is on the way - just after we saw record warmth last week. Tomorrow marks the halfway point of meteorological winter. In the weather world, December 1st through February 28th is “winter.”

Northern New England has seen its fair share of snow. After a lackluster ski season last year, this is great news. For the smaller ski hills in central and southern New England – the news isn’t so good. Logan Airport, has received above average snowfall since December 1st, BUT temperatures haven’t allowed the snow to stick around. The temperature in Boston during the month of December was 0.5° above average; the first half of January, it's already 4.1° above average!

As we look into next week, temperatures will soar into the 40s and perhaps 50s across southern and central New England. The only silver lining? Most of the rain we receive will be absorbed by the ground since it’s not frozen. Most of the forecast models are hinting at 1-2” of precipitation for the coming week, which will help with the ongoing drought.

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