Another Warmup, Another Rain Storm

Clear sky, barely a breeze, and a big high pressure system overhead.

It's a recipe for a record-setting cold morning.

Some mighty old temperature records are at risk. Boston's 20 degrees dates back to 1881, when I got my first big break in television. Concord, New Hampshire's 14 dates back to 1943 and Worcester's dates back to 1995, when cold was more common and the winters more stable.

As that same high slips offshore tomorrow, we'll begin to thaw out. In fact, it won't be long before we're back to the 50s as the jet stream propels another soaking rain our way.

Like previous storms, the wet weather will hit early and often. Thursday looks pretty washed out with only brief moments between batches of drizzle, showers and, by afternoon, downpours and possible thunder.

With that much warm air moving in and alot of good dynamics (aka lift in the upper atmosphere), we'll once again face the prospects of lightning and thunder in our downpours. With that in mind, it wouldn't be a reach to say up to an inch of rain is possible from this system.

Chilly weather rolls back in over the weekend - along with our trusty friend the wind. Highs should be in the low 50s this time of year, but both days underachieve in the low to mid 40s.


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