Child Falls Off Moving Vehicle Being Operated by Father

No charges have been filed at this time; there is no information to indicate this was intentional act.

Police in Ashland, Massachusetts, on Monday responded to a report of a child who had fallen off a moving vehicle.

Upon arrival at 50 Hawthorne Road, police found a 7 year old boy unconscious in the roadway. The child was transported by ambulance with a serious head injury to UMass Worcester.

A preliminary investigation reveals that the child's father had entered his 1997 Nissan Quest to leave the residence and unbeknownst to him, the child had jumped on the rear bumper of the van as it began to leave.

At some point, the child fell off of the moving vehicle.

There is no information to indicate that this was an intentional act on the part of the operator. No charges have been filed.

The incident remains under investigation.

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