Colder Temps to Return

Our nor'easter is long gone, and although we are still cleaning up, something was missing.

The cold.

With highs in the mid-40s and bare ground in many spots, it hardly felt like winter. This storm had zero cold behind it, so when the winds turned northwest, we went to sun and spring-like temps.

Now with another weak system hot on our heels, we are looking at rain showers tonight instead of snow. Temperatures sink a bit before recovering by morning, and with a semi-mild start tomorrow 50s are in play for the afternoon - even with peeks of sun.

This winter has been a doozy in the west, but for the east, we're almost ready to call it a season.

But hang on a second. We still have the snowiest part of winter coming (early February) and at least another month of winter cold (maybe two as March can occasionally rank as a wintry month).

I'm saying this because next week we'll start a gradual slide back to the 30s... then 20s. The cold isn't stirring any storms... yet. We'll see how it plays out in the days ahead.

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