More State Layoffs Could Be on the Horizon

More state employee layoffs are on the horizon, according to government sources.

Notices have gone out to different state agencies, asking for them to have contingency plans ready for potential cuts as early as the end of the week. 

Multiple sources inside the General Assembly and in state government told NBC Connecticut the reason for this request could be part budgetary because the state faces a $3 billion deficit over the next two budget years.

However, the request could also be a  kind of bargaining technique coming from the Malloy administration, showing unions that he is serious about layoffs if budgets aren't minimized. 

During his state budget address two months ago, Gov. Dannel Malloy said that if the state did not come up with concessions from unions then the state would have to cut more jobs.

The governor has publicly identified a target of $700 million in union give backs over the next two years.

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