Crashing Temps & The Throes of Spring

Crashing Temps & The Throes of Spring


Startling turn around in the temperatures today. Back door front came swinging through this afternoon and dropped us from the 60s to the 40s in 45 minutes in Boston!

Now that's a New England style cool down.

Sitting on the the cool side of this front won't be much of a treat tomorrow. Clouds, mist, drizzle and a raw wind from the northeast will keep us down in the upper 30s to low 40s (brrr) all afternoon. With the front stalled near New York City, there isn't much hope for a bounce in the temps Thursday night either.

As the cold air settles in, light rain will turn to light snow across Northern New England. Some light mix or freezing drizzle is possible in Northern Mass and Southern VT & NH. Although no ice or mix is good, accumulations should be spotty and limited to the tree branches, porches and decks. Roads will be wet thanks to the mild weather of today and the lack of significant cold. Farther north, where it's cold enough for mostly snow, a couple of inches may accumulate from Burlington to Bangor and points north.

Warm front springs back to the north on Friday along with a brisk wind from the southwest. Once again, our temperatures will be on the move up - close to 60 in Southern New England. All of the wet weather will get shoved offshore on Friday night, setting the stage for a stellar spring weekend.

Some clouds may cling to Southeast Mass. on Saturday as the winds remain from the northeast, but Sunday will see the wind turn south/southwest late, and we should be able to recover to the mid and upper 50s.


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