Cyclists Killed in Crash Remembered

Elise Bouchard and Pam Wells were struck and killed during last year's Seacoast Century Ride in Hampton, NH; some are riding in their memory

Two victims of a fatal crash at last year's Seacoast Century Bicycle Tour are being remembered one year later in Hampton, New Hampshire.

Organizers say they thought long and hard about whether to have this race again. In the end, they say they are happy they did.

With the finish line in sight, flowers mark the spot where 52-year-old Elise Bouchard and 60-year-old Pam Wells were struck and killed last year while biking the 40th annual ride.

Two others, including Uwe Uhmeyer, were seriously hurt.

"We had a shared enthusiasm for bicycling, and we even did some bicycle rides after work with a couple other people from the office," said Uhmeyer, who worked with Bouchard. "She was a wonderful person

Police say driver Darriean Hess was unlicensed and under the influence of prescription medications when she crossed a double yellow line and crashed into the bikers.

Hess is awaiting trial on negligent homicide charges.

With the continuation of the race, organizers say they are focused on making sure roadways are safe for everyone so that accidents like this one never happen again.

Banners and ribbons were made in honor of Bouchard and Wells.

Just eight hours before the crash last year, Hess was stopped by police for speeding in the same area. But they could not arrest her for being unlicensed.

A new bill just signed into law in New Hampshire has made that offense a misdemeanor offense.

Wells left behind two children. Her husband, Tom Rogers, said in a statement, "We are deeply thankful to the Granite State Wheelmen for their effort to remember Elise Bouchard and my wife, Pam Wells. The outpouring of support from the cycling community has been tremendous, including lots of heartfelt cards and letters, and donations to the Alex and Elise Rogers College Fund."

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