Fans Open Wallets for Opening Day

Fenway Park businesses of all kinds enjoy a booming afternoon as Sox return for Boston opener

After an endless and blizzard-battered winter, Monday's Red Sox opening day at Fenway Park was a superb day for the sausage business, the program business, the beer business, and seemingly every other kind of business in Kenmore Square -- including the barbershop-quartet business.

The Average Joes -- Joey Constantine, Matt Mercier, Marc Rosenbaum, and Eric Ruthenberg -- who sing around Massachusetts and New Hampshire scored a three-hour paid gig performing outside the Hotel Commonwealth as a promotion for the hotel. Sporting straw bowlers, they treated passersby to a rendition of -- what else? -- "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" and much more.

All around Kenmore Square the good times were rolling, the crowds were glowing, and the cash was flowing. It was a rare chance for fans to buy Tom Brady dolls outside Fenway, honoring the Super Bowl champion Patriots quarterback who tossed out the first pitch for opening day.

For Dave Littlefield, The Sausage Guy, business was sizzling, and it also gave him a chance to promote his special sausages arriving on shelves at Stop & Shop supermarkets around New England starting just two days ago. "This has been a fantastic opening day," Littlefield said. "I mean, everybody is so happy to be here. Business is great. Have we ever deserved a better opening day than this? People are so happy that the weather's good and the Red Sox are playing." 

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