Alert Officers Credited With Evacuating Residents From Burning Home in Manchester, New Hampshire

The early-morning blaze ripped through a house on Cypress St.

Alert officers are being credited with evacuating a burning building in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Midnight Patrol Officers Ian Fleming and Barry Charest were on patrol in the south end of the city at 3:15 a.m. when they saw a home fully engulfed in flames. 

The officers stopped a police vehicle and immediately ran toward the house on Cypress St. while contacting the fire department.

Officer Alexander Martens arrived on the scene and assisted in breaking down the front door of the residence.

One of the residents, Timothy Carr, 35, told authorities that additional people were asleep inside.

The three officers removed Carr and proceeded inside of the house. Heavy smoke and extreme heat forced them to exit the home and reposition toward the east side of the property where they located another individual on the first floor.

They removed a window and pulled David Provencher, 34, from the home.

Two additional people, identified as Jonathan Nickerson, 32, and Janessa Flood, 31, were also removed.

Officer Martens was treated for smoke inhalation. No other injuries were reported.

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