First Heat Wave in 2 Years Possible

It took until July 19, this past Sunday, for Boston to officially reach its first 90 degree reading of the season. That's much later than the average first 90, which typically comes in June. Just one day later the high at Logan Airport hit 92, setting us up for a potential heat wave if we again reach 90 or better on Tuesday. It's not a slam dunk though.

Morning clouds, and a feeble seabreeze, means Logan will struggle to reach 90 on Tuesday. It's still possible though, and if it does, we'll meet heat wave criteria (3 or more days of 90+ temperatures). Keep in mind that areas outside of East Boston, such as West Roxbury or even the Back Bay, will likely hit 90 and achieve the heat wave even if official records from the airport don't reflect it.

A spike to 90 at Logan, if it happens, would occur late in the day as the sun breaks out and the seabreeze breaks down. So be patient!

In Boston, a heat wave this week would be the city's first since July 2013. During that stretch, we reached 90 for 7 straight days in the city, with the warmest day hitting 99!

It's not just Boston that will be close to a heat wave. Much of Southern New Hampshire, and areas around Hartford, Connecticut, are also in line to achieve the heat wave with highs near 90 on Tuesday.

Cooler, less humid air will arrive Wednesday and remain in place for the rest of the week. 

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