From Summer to Winter

So many angles to the weather today, I didn't know which situation to confront first: the afternoon storms, or the shift in the track of the nor'easter Sunday night.

First the storms from this afternoon.

Cold air above us and some ample sun through early afternoon conspired to bring us pockets of severe weather today. The storms were short-lived, however, not lasting more than a half hour, before others flared nearby. As the sun set, the storms faded and the summer preview was over.

Although the cold is in route, it's not coming tonight as our lows fall back to near 40.

Tomorrow the cold gets mobile and drops south from Quebec. Vermont is first to feel the sting as temperatures drop from the upper 30s to the 20s late day. Southern New England will drop from the 50s to 40s and eventually the 30s by late evening.

Cold will be established for Saturday, laying the groundwork for the Sunday storm.

Nothing earth-shattering here. A late season nor'easter is on tap, complete with a laundry list of concerns:

  • Heavy, wet snow
  • Gusty winds with possible power outages
  • Coastal flooding (thankfully NOT the highest tides of the month)
  • Up to a foot of snow possible

I realize that last line is still a bit vague (and it probably smarts too), but the track is still a little jumpy this far out. We know we'll get the storm, but we aren't certain where that foot may fall.

Timing brings the flakes in sooner - more like Sunday afternoon than Sunday night. Storm wraps after noon on Monday and the cold winds blow into Tuesday.

Fear not! This is not the pattern shift you feared that will prolong winter into May or June. Just as quickly as it settles in it will be heaved out by a major warmup late next week.

Keep reminding yourself of that while you dig out on Monday.


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