Gearing Up As Temps Go Down

That's a wrap!

Another Monday storm zipped through New England, dropping anywhere from 1-8 inches from south to north. In its wake, the temperatures are sauntering back below freezing tonight, giving rise to a bit of black ice in spots. Most of that should be taken care of by the morning, but please watch your step.

Been like a conga line of storms over the last couple of weeks, and although I'm not tracking anything like that soon, I am seeing the bitter, numbing air start to build in Central Canada.

What could bring that here into New England? It's what we call cross-polar flow. (See graphic.) Essentially, a building high over Alaska, with its attendant clockwise winds, will transport brutally cold air from Siberia across the North Pole and down into Southern Canada. The winding jet stream will do the rest.

I'm expecting the air to be especially cold - perhaps even enough to set records - for New England in December. Yeah, we've seen worse, but this early in the season, we are not accustomed to wind chills as cold as 20-30 below zero. Ugh. That's hard to type. Prepare to keep it indoors, let the pipes drip if they're prone to freezing, have another source of heat on hand, and whatever you do, ventilate ANY appliances/space heaters that use gas or any kind of fuel. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless killer.

We still have a couple of days before that drops in our laps. In the meantime, enjoy the 40s.

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